Our Favourite Mobile Apps for Privacy

A look at some of our favourite mobile apps that help keep us safe online.

Privacy has been a hot topic within technology for a long time now and recent scandals such as the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data abuse has helped bring this subject into the mainstream. More than ever people are taking a closer interest in who has their data and what they’re doing with that data.

Privacy is a vast topic and we could spend all day writing about it, but today we wanted to share with you some of our favourite apps that will help you keep your data safe. So without further a Do here are our top favourite privacy focused mobile apps;

  1. DuckDuckGo - Founded in 2008 DuckDuckGo is a search engine that doesn’t track its users. As of iOS 8 DDG has been made available a search engine in Safari and Google recently added it as an option to Chrome 73. While it is available as a search engine within the default mobile browsers we prefer to use their own browser app. Along with not tracking a users search the DDG mobile app helps block web trackers that are used for ad targeting and secures your browsing with better encryption. DuckDuckGo is available for free on both iOS and Android and also as a Chrome extension.

  2. Jumbo - Released in 2019 Jumbo is a mobile app that helps users easily manage their privacy settings for popular online services including Facebook, Twitter and Google. From updating your Facebook settings to ensure your account is private to deleting your Tweet history (and then storing those deleted tweets in a securely offline for your own enjoyment) Jumbo is an important app more consumers should be aware of. Jumbo is free to download on iOS (we're hoping it'll come to Android too) and has privacy tools for Tinder and Instagram in the works!

  3. Wire - Starting life as a consumer messaging service in recent years Wire has pivoted to become focused on workplace messaging, offering a secure alternative to services such as Slack. Wire offer all the features you'd expect from a workplace collaboration tool including file sharing, group video calling and instant messaging- all of which are end to end encrypted. Available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows, Wire is free for personal use or €6.00 per user per month for businesses.

  4. SurfEasy VPN - SurfEasy is a VPN app available on most platforms (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows etc.) it's free to download and you get 500MB of data usage for free. As with other VPN services SurfEasy helps make your internet activity anonymous by masking you IP address. VPN's are particularly helpful when trying to avoid companies, like your internet service provider, tracking your browsing activity and then selling that data on to third parties for ad targeting. VPN's are also good at keeping you safe from hackers when using public wifi hotspots.

There are, of course, lots more privacy focused apps out there - these are just the ones we use everyday. We will keep updating this list as new apps become part of our daily workflow. If there are any apps you think we should be using let us know!