VAT Calculator Gets Resources

We've added Resources to our app, VAT Calculator. This new feature helps make the app more useful to our users helping them with more than just VAT.

Today we’re releasing a big update to our iOS app, VAT Calculator. When you update to the latest version of the app (1.2.0) you’ll find there’s a new button on the home screen - Resources.

Resources is a new area within the app where users will be able find services and tools to help them get started with their own business. If you are new to VAT there’s a good chance you’ll be new to the world of business too. Resources is hub you can check to find other tools and services you may need when starting your business.

To start we’ve got a small handpicked selection of resources that our users can access from within the app but over time, as we learn what resources our users find most useful, we’ll start to add more. Unlike the rest of our app Resources’ content can be updated remotely so you won’t need to keep updating the app in order to get the latest recommended services.

While the core of the app remains focused on helping users with their pricing calculations we hope the addition of Resources will be make the app a bit more helpful.

You can download the latest version of VAT Calculator here:

If you have any questions or queries regarding this update you can contact us using the details here.