Capture for Events The mobile app your event deserves!

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Meet Capture for Events

Does your organisation hold exhibitions or networking events? Then why not get a version of Capture that is tailored to your events. With Capture for Events your organisation gets a fully native mobile application packed with tools to help your attendees better engage with your event.

Along with powerful offline data capturing tools Capture comes packed with features designed to help you improve attendee engagement with your event.

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Why Use Capture?

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🎨 Your Branding

Change the colour scheme of Capture to match that of your event or organisation. You can also change the app icon and name to ensure it's in keeping with your brand.

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🗓 Event Feed

Capture's Event Feed enables you to promote upcoming events to your users helping you increase attendance at your events. Your users can then set reminders of events, add them to their calendar and book tickets direct within the app.

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🆕 Always Up to Date

Your app will run off of the core Capture code base, which we update on a regular basis. This means your app will always be up to date with the latest advances in mobile operating systems. Don't worry though, we'll never push any big, feature changing updates to your app without letting you know in advance.

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📷 QR Code Scanner

As part of Capture's offline data capture tools the app comes with a QR code scanner that supports reading data from vCard QR codes. This makes data capture even easier and super quick.

More Reasons You'll Love Capture

No Internet Required

Capture's lead gathering tools don't require any form of internet connection, ideal when hosting events with limited connectivity.

Goodbye Business Cards

Attendees no longer need to worry about printing business cards, just scan eachothers in-app profiles.

Easy Data Exporting

With just a tap of a button lead data can be exported from the app in .csv format - ready to uploaded your users prefered service.

Product Videos

Data Capture and Exporting

QR Code Scanner

Event Feed


Our pricing is a subscription which is charged monthly or annually once your app is up and running. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

We currently only offer Capture for Events on iOS, though Android is coming soon. Our current pricing is purely for the provision of the iOS app.

Pricing Breakdown

Monthly Subscription: £225

Annual Subscription: £2,500 (save £200)

All prices are are subject to VAT at 20%.

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We take payment via Credit/Debit card or by Direct Debit

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