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Showcase Helping Your Business Stand Out

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Meet Showcase

Showcase is a new tablet based application from AppLaunch designed to help your business standout at events. As the name suggests, Showcase has been designed to help you showcase your business in an engaging way.

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Why Showcase?

📝 Data Capture

With lead capture forms built in, Showcase enables you to easily capture data from potential customers. The app will store the information for you and allows you to export the data when you’re ready.

⚡️ Supercharged

From sending captured leads into a Slack channel to our automatic follow-up service Introductions, you’ll find our ever growing list of integrations and bolt-on services will help Showcase work for you.

🎨 Customisable

Customise Showcase to represent your business with your branding colours, logo and content.

📈 Keeps Getting Better

No need to worry about new iOS versions or getting the app to work on a new device thanks to regular updates. Along with our ever growing library of integrations and bolt-on services we regularly update the core Showcase code base.


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Send data gathered by Showcase into a Slack channel.

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Own Endpoint

Send leads gathered with the app to your own endpoint.

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Automatically send an email and/or SMS with your contact details when a lead is added via the app.

Case Study

Find out how Office Pantry used Showcase as a way to better engage with potential customers at events and integrated it with a bespoke cloud service, developed by AppLaunch.

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