Backwell Logs

About Backwell Logs

Backwell Logs are a leading log producer and supplier based just south of Bristol. Much of the wood they sell has come from their own, sustainably managed, 200 acre woodland located near Bristol Airport. Customers can buy firewood from Backwell Logs either via their website or over the phone and Backwell Logs will deliver the logs themselves.

The Challenge

In order to ensure customers receive the best possible experience Backwell Logs have decided to operate their own fulfilment process, rather than outsourcing. As a fast growing business this quickly became hard to manage, enter AppLaunch. Over the last year we’ve worked with Backwell Logs to develop a bespoke iPad application that allows their delivery team to better organise deliveries without needing to be tied to a desk.

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Functionality Highlights

  • Automatic route sorting, no need to manually plan a delivery route
  • Orders are displayed on an interactive map, making route planning easier
  • Automated delivery notifications to customers
  • Offline access to delivery routes, no data connection required

Technical Highlights

  • Platform: iOS
  • Integrates order data via Shopify API

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