Office Pantry

About Office Pantry

Office Pantry deliver fresh fruit, wholesome snacks (no Mars bars here), soft drinks and pretty much anything else you can think of that you’d need in your office kitchen. The company was founded by Charles and Giles whom both used to get hungry at work but wanted something better than just vending machine food.

About The Project

The Office Pantry team regularly attend industry events and exhibitions in order to share the Office Pantry story and find new customers. Office Pantry were looking for a solution that could assist their sales team by telling people about their service and let new customers submit their details to request a call back. That’s where AppLaunch comes in, we developed an iPad app that not tells customers about Office Pantry but also gives them an easy way to submit their details to request more info. When a potential customer submits their details the app instantly sends them an email with more info about Office Pantry and lets them reply with a time and date they’d like to set up a call for.

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The Outcome

As a result of the app the Office Pantry team saw higher engagement rates with trade show leads, this was driven by the apps automated follow-up feature which sent emails to leads as soon as they were saved to the app. As well as sending automated emails to new leads, the app also sent all lead data into a central repository which not only meant a reduction in lost data but also enabled a more coordinated approach to following up with leads.

Functionality Highlights

  • Easy to use interface, users can find out what they need to know at a glance
  • Automatic follow up, speeding up the sales process
  • Cloud back-up so customer data is never lost

Technical Highlights

  • Platform: iOS
  • Bespoke backend system and API
  • Built using Showcase

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